• what is model approach to partnerships in parenting (MAPP) ?

    • The job of public child-welfare agencies is to preserve, or help rebuild, families at risk of disintegration. The single most powerful relationship upon which to build is the connection between the child and the parents. Whether it is called a bond, an attachment or a connection, it is the single most powerful motivator for parents in crisis. For parents who are overwhelmed by physical or emotional problems, who have not developed skills important for parenting, or who have learned harmful and dangerous ways to parent, the connection to a child may be the road to health and new parenting skills.

      MAPP is a comprehensive program designed to extend the idea of building positive relationships and alliances beyond birth parents. Within the MAPP practice framework, child welfare staff, foster parents and adoptive parents work as a team. The goal is to preserve or rebuild the family around the long-term welfare of the child. This requires that the team members form a partnership or positive alliance with the birth parents. A MAPP partnership seeks to keep the parents in their parental roles and status, focused on the welfare of the child.

      There are 3 categories within the MAPP Programs:

      1. Comprehensive Preparation and Selection Programs (TIPS-MAPP and DT)
      2. Kinship Program (Caring For Our Own)
      3. Supplemental Programs (Shared Parenting Series, Fostering and Adopting The Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused, Healthy Relationships Series)


The MAPP Group Preparation and Selection Program is designed to prepare individuals and families to make an informed decision about becoming foster, adoptive or foster/adoptive families.

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Caring For Our Own

Since the passing of the "Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act" in 2008, there has been more emphasis on identifying kinship providers for children needing out of home care.

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Shared Parenting

Shared parenting represents an active alliance among the important people in the child's life - birth parent, foster parents and agency workers.

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Fostering and Adopting The Child Who Has Been Sexually Abused

The purpose of this program is to help parents develop four essential core abilities (Meetings 1 through 4) and seven specialized core abilities (Meetings 5 through 12) for working with children and families where there has been sexual abuse. Each of these essential and specialized core abilities is supported by specific enabling abilities.

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Healthy Relationship Series

Healthy Relationships is a prevention program to reduce teen pregnancy. The program starts with building a constructive framework for decision-making and proceeds to difficult decisions about relationships. The main target population for this program is 10-19 year old youth in foster care but will also include general population youth in the same age range.

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